Harmon Family Farm Goat Health

Disclaimer:  Items listed on this page are based on our experience. They are not substitutions for veterinary knowledge. Our greatest recommendation is to develop a working relationship with your local vet and agriculture extension service to develop a herd management plan that addresses parasites, breeding , diet,  vaccinations, and emergency plans.  

 Energy Supplement 

2 parts corn syrup 1 part molasses.  Simple mix of molasses and karo syrup, found at most grocery stores. Give about 20cc every few hours and check for Ketosis .  If Ketosis is suspected early detection is critical and vet assistance will be needed.  

Feeding Boer Goats

  • *​  You must decide your goals, is it  meat, show, pets, etc....
  • *  Understand that there is good quality forge and poor quality forge. Just because the hay is cheap and is advertised and "goat" hay does not mean that is the best choice in terms of daily gain and overall health of your goat. 
  • * Understand your feed ingredients and what they do for your heard..... i.e. ammonium chloride used in the prevention of urinary calculi. 
  • * All grains are not equal.  Use a trusted feed that test grain products and has researched goats.
  • * Sheep feed, Horse Feed, All stock Feed are NOT goat feeds . (period).  A balanced goat feed should be a complete feed with cooper ( at goat needed levels) and a cocci prevention. 
  • * MINERALS help utilize your feed program, use a goat mineral, we like Sweetlix. 
  • * All changes in a goats diet should be gradual. 
  • *Last but not least.......Cutting corners on feed will cost you in the long run of owning goats. Feed correctly to start with and avoid the headache and heart breaks.  


    Amount Per


Gradually Change to#of feedings per day
1-2 Days1/2 Cup  3/4 Cup   4
3-7 Days 1 Cup1 1/4 Cup3
1-2 Weeks  1 1/2 Cup1 3/4 Cup3
2-6 Weeks 2 Cups2 1/2 Cups2
6-8 Weeks2 1/2 Cups  02

          Bottle Feeding Boer Goats           

1 Gallon Whole Milk

1 Cup Whole Buttermilk

12 oz. can evaporated milk

Pour off 2 1/2 cups of the whole milk and add 1 cup

whole buttermilk and one 12 oz can of evaporated

milk to the whole milk

​* We have used this recipe several times with great results !

We also prefer to use the  lamb nipples pictured below, soak in hot water and they will stretch to fit over  a bottle. We like using glass drink bottles because they wash easier and do not collapse like plastic.  Slightly cut the  "X" 

shaped opening to make slightly larger...careful not to over do it !